MAT (Miller Analogies Test): Complete Information And Guide

MAT (Miller Analogies Test) is an important test for students who are seeking admission into a graduate school in the United States and it is also a great opportunity for those who want to enter into high I.Q societies.

  • It is a standardized test which is verbal or computer-based.
  • It’s a cave of gold for those who love logic puzzles and analogic reasoning.
  • It is published by Harcourt Assessment.
  • It is a high-level mental ability test which reflects the students critical and analytical thinking and is crucial for not only success in graduate school but also in the student’s career.
  • You can retake the test but based on some terms and conditions.
  • Through the MAT score, a student can showcase his/her knowledge on various subjects.
  • MAT is highly valued by graduate school programs
  • It is a valid and reliable test since 50 years and is also an important assessing tool of candidates knowledge which is essential for an admission into graduate school.
  1. The test entirely consists of analogy items, i.e., a statement which suggests that two terms are related to each other in the same way that two other terms are related to each other.
  2. The analogies are given in an equation format, i.e., Term A: Term B: Term C: Term D where Term A is related to Term B , Term C is related to Term D or Term A is related to Term C, Term B is related to Term D.
  3. The exam tests a student’s analytical abilities and requires him/her to solve problems which are stated as analogies.
  4. The test consists of recognizing relationships between ideas and also checks the student’s fluency in English. It also checks the student’s general knowledge of natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and mathematics.
  5. The students also required to have an in-depth knowledge of music, literature, philosophy, art and history.
  6. There is no negative marking
  7. The test costs $90.00 ( INR 5745.60 )
  1. The test needs to be completed in 60 minutes.
  2. MAT consists of 120 items where 100 is to be responded or answered and marks are allotted on these 100 questions. The other 20 items are experimental which is tested in the exam so that it can be further used on future MAT test forms.
  3. The score range is from 200 to 600 and the median is 400 and the standard deviation is 25 points.
  4. The questions are asked on relationships i.e., semantic, classification, association and logical. The content area of the question is around language, natural and social sciences, humanities, general and mathematics

There is no specific eligibility to appear for MAT. However, the student should complete his/her under graduation since MAT is taken to get admitted into a post-graduate program.

However, the students should have a know-how of the eligibility criteria of individual institutions.

  1. MAT is accepted by Mensa, Prometheus Society, and the Triple Nine Society .
  2. It is recommended that the students should familiarize with the test structure instead of cramming before the exam.
  3. There are online practice tests available so that the students can practice as much as they can.
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